The Board

The Proms Board consists entirely of volunteers and it works throughout the year in preparation for the Proms festival.

Hon President – The Revd Alan Walker

Hon Chairman – Richard Clegg

Chief ExecutiveSusie Gregson

Hon Treasurer -  Keith Graham

Hon Secretary – Jana Teteris

Artists’ Contracts & General EnquiriesYvonne Baker

Education - Michelle Groves

Friends - Kate Webster

LitFest - Vivien Hilson

Marketing & CommunicationsRon Finlay

Logistics – Jo Lewis

Music Planning – Madeleine Melling

Sponsorship Development – Peter Jenkins

Volunteer coordination - Keara Connolly

Trustees without portfolio - David Crossley and Niamh O'Donnell-Keenan


The Board is supported by several committees.

Catering: Elinor Delaney, Sara Gibbins, Judy Knox, Jana Teteris, Lucy Wiseman

Education: Joan Arnold, Susie Gregson, Michelle Groves*, Tina Isaacs-Knox, Judy Knox, Niamh O'Donnell-Keenan

IT Development and Box Office: Michael Berg*, Hetty Colchester, Pam Dillon, Ron Finlay, David Gregson, Paul Gregson, Susie Gregson, Kate Webster

LitFest: Sharon Barron, Judith Cohen, Keara Connolly, Ron Finlay, Sue Fox, Susie Gregson, Vivien Hilson*, Niamh O’Donnell-Keenan, Sonia Porter

Logistics: Judith Cohen, Keara Connolly, David Crossley, Ellie Gibbins, Susie Gregson, Tim Hand, Jo Lewis*, Jana Teteris, John Wheeler

Marketing & Communications: Alice Cohen, Hetty Colchester, Keara Connolly, Ron Finlay*, Shobha George, Susie Gregson, Jenna Johnston, Jo Lewis, Kate Webster

Music Planning: Yvonne Baker, David Crossley, Susie Gregson, David Littaur, Michelle Groves, Madeleine Melling*, Thomas Radice, Helen Roose

Publications: Yvonne Baker, Keara Connolly, Ron Finlay*, Susie Gregson, Vivien Hilson, Tina Isaacs-Knox, Jenna Johnston, Jo Lewis, Thomas Radice, Terry Ryle

Sponsorship Development: Keara Connolly, Julian Gibbins, Susie Gregson, David Harris, Tina Isaacs-Knox, Peter Jenkins*, John Wheeler

Volunteer coordination and Friends: Keara Connolly*, Madeleine Melling, Kate Webster

*Chairman of committee

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