In Memory of David Littaur

David Littaur at Promsjpeg
photo: Mike Eleftheriades

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David Littaur was the epitome of a proper English gentleman with impeccable manners and high standards, always very solicitous and caring of others. He loved creating happy events at which people could socialise.


David joined Proms at St Jude's as a committee member during the Millennium year shortly after he and and his beloved wife Joyce moved to Hampstead Garden Suburb. Proms at St Jude's was the perfect local organisation for David to get involved with as he was so passionate about music. He brought his huge musical knowledge to Proms often advising us on suitable composers or performers. He was a man of few words who listened carefully to the views of others. His contributions were always valuable and often delivered with great humour. 


David was innovative, creative and fun - simply delightful to be around. He remained active on the Proms at St Jude's music planning committee until the end of January this year. 


A special moment for David was conducting on the Last Night of the Proms in the year he turned 90. 


David passed away on 16th March at the Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead. He is greatly missed not only by the Proms family but also by many local residents who came to know and appreciate his enthusiam, passion and involvement in the local community.