Education 2021 - The Schools' Prom

Who is the Schools’ Prom suitable for? Primary classes in Years 2-6 though families might be interested in the video of the concert from 5 July on the Proms website. 


Why is this being offered? Normally, we would host a Schools’ Prom for local schools in St Jude’s during the Proms festival. We cannot do this in 2021, as there will still be social distancing and other restrictions at the time of Proms. Having been forced to go virtual and digital, we want to share the event with as many schools and as many children as possible. We believe very strongly in the power of music and the arts to support learning and well-being, especially at a time when music in schools has been difficult to deliver.


What is the Schools’ Prom? It will be a recording of an orchestra playing In Time with a narrator who will tell the story. The piece was written to partner Peter and the Wolf and is similar in format.


What is ‘In Time’ about? The piece was specially composed for children to introduce them to the orchestra and a range of music through time. The story follows Polly and her grandmother on this exploration.


How long does the piece last? About 20 minutes. There will be an introduction and places where the recording can be paused to allow the teacher to discuss what the pupils have seen and heard. It could also be shown over more than one session e.g., at the end of the school day over several days. 


What is in the support pack? The support pack is produced by DaCapo Music Foundation, who are music education partners of Proms at St Jude’s and have worked with many primary schools in Barnet and beyond. The pack will include: 

  • Suggestions for creative writing and other curriculum areas 

  • Templates for artwork (which children can produce in advance to enable active participation during the playing of the recording) plus other ideas for art. 

  • Links for musical listening ahead of the recording becoming available so that pupils can be familiarised with some of the music.

Do we need to use the support pack? The recording will work as a stand-alone activity (at one sitting or over several sessions) but we think that pupils will get more out of it with preparation.


Do we have to pay? No! The recording and the Education Pack will be free of charge – it is provided by Proms at St Jude’s as part of our outreach during our Festival and it is supported by our partners DaCapo and donors Brent Cross Town and the Betty Messenger Foundation.


How do we access the materials? Email to register your interest. You will then be sent the Education pack as soon as this is ready (early June). The music recording will be available from our website on 5 July and participating schools will be sent a link Schools' Prom link.


How long will the recording be available for? The recording will be available via the Proms website at this Schools' Prom link; you will be able to view as often and whenever as you like, to give you maximum flexibility to watch In Time - we know how busy the summer term is! We hope it will be available into and beyond the holidays. 


Does Proms have any other events for children? Yes – we have an afternoon family concert on Saturday 3 July ‘Revolting Rhymes and Marvellous Music’ - A Roald Dahl Musical Extravaganza for all the family, played and introduced by the Magnard Ensemble who specialise in performances for children. We would be delighted if you were able to publicise this to your school community.