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2 July 2023


The Henrietta Barnett School Hall
Richard Clegg cr Michael Eleftheriades_edited.jpg
A Brush with Music

James Mayhew, illustrator and author

Suitable for children aged 5+; all children must be accompanied by an adult

Music tells stories, and many great composers were inspired by myths and folktales. James Mayhew’s unique way of presenting classical concerts has him joining musicians to narrate and illustrate live on stage during performances; the illustrations are projected onto a screen so that audience can watch the pictures grow in time to the music – this afternoon’s inspiration is the brothers Grimm Bremen Town Musicians accompanied by a quartet from Fantasia Orchestra. Tickets £10 per adult, £2 per child

Click here to join the £5 Raffle for a chance to win one of four Mayhew original works of art!

To see James Mayhew, artist in action, click on this YouTube recording!

Tickets £10 per adult, £2 per child

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