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29 June 2023


St Jude-on-the-Hill
Richard Clegg cr Michael Eleftheriades_edited.jpg
Will Dollard
Assalay Schools' Concert

A fantasy journey by John Ashton Thomas and Tracey Mathias

Led by Will Dollard with players from Fantasia Orchestra 

By invitation only

This year’s Schools’ Prom is entitled Assalay and involves almost 400 children from 10 local schools. Working with rich and original material especially composed for the mix of voices, Proms takes singing workshops into schools, leaves materials for the schools to work on and follows up with final rehearsals and then a performance when all schools come together. The performance day gives every child a chance to shine, singing in small and large groups and accompanied by musicians from the superb Fantasia Orchestra. It is a high quality experience and performance and the Prom has become an important part of the local schools’ calendar.

Supported by The DaCapo Music Foundation

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