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26 June 2023


St Jude-on-the-Hill
Richard Clegg cr Michael Eleftheriades_edited.jpg
Ben Palmer
Photo: Arthur Kondrats

Metropolis (1927) Film accompanied by Covent Garden Sinfonia, Ben Palmer conductor

UK Première of this arrangement by Ben Palmer 

Fritz Lang director, Gottfried Huppertz composer

Ben Palmer arranger

Film will be shown with English subtitles

Set in a futuristic urban dystopia, Fritz Lang's German Expressionist silent film Metropolis is widely regarded as one of the most entertaining and influential sci-fi movies of all time. Made with an extraordinary budget of five million Reichsmarks, the film was shot over 310 days, with 36,000 extras and 200,000 costumes. Ephraim Katz in The Macmillan International Film Encyclopedia called Metropolis ‘A futuristic, visually completing allegorical look at relations between capital and labor in a Big Brother society ruled by robots, antagonism and fear’. This performance will be the UK première of a new edition of Gottfried Huppertz's richly romantic original 1927 score, arranged and conducted by Ben Palmer, one of the world's leading silent film conductors.

Recording from artist's previous work:

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