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Ramat Gan Chamber Choir


26 June 2023


St Jude-on-the-Hill
Richard Clegg cr Michael Eleftheriades_edited.jpg
Eyal Bat
Photo: Ady Cohen
Ramat Gan Chamber Choir

Hanna Tzur conductor

Eyal Bat piano and arranger

Schubert Ave Maria, Puccini Kyrie

Israeli and Ladino songs

This exciting choir from Ramat Gan, Israel, which is twinned with London Borough of Barnet, sings a wide-ranging repertoire, from leading a capella works by major composers to original Israeli music and major orchestral compositions.  The choir sings in many languages, including Latin, German, Italian, English, Hebrew, Ladino, Czech and Greek and can be heard on the sound track of Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. 

Today's programme includes: Schubert Ave Maria, Dvorák Eja Mater, Puccini Kyrie, 

as well as beautiful Israeli and Ladino songs.

Recording from artist's previous work:

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