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2024 Education Resources and Recordings

These resources have been produced by Proms and DaCapo Music Foundation ( They are available for use by schools and families at no charge, although they should not be reproduced in any other format.

Fantastic Fanfares

Our popular Teaching Video on Fanfares can be downloaded.


Additional Primary Videos

What is a Fanfare:


Examples of Fanfares:


Compose your own Fanfare:


The accompanying Information Pack is here. These can be used for both class teaching or individual learning. 


Please note these are free to use but remain the copyright of Proms at St Jude's.


We are extremely grateful to Dorico for their support of our Fantastic Fanfares competition. Dorico are keen to support work in schools both in collaboration with Proms and directly and can be contacted via their website:

Recordings of previous winning entries 

Nemunis JusionisNemunis Jusionis
00:00 / 00:32
Nicholas Delargy Crawley Fanfare - master 2Nicholas Delargy
00:00 / 00:32
Fanfare Composition - NemunisNemunis Jusionis
00:00 / 00:40
Aaron Rambow Czarny - Fanfare - for audioAaron Rambow Czarny
00:00 / 00:36
St Jude's Awakening Fanfare V Ethan Ethan Lieber
00:00 / 00:32

Schools' Prom

2021In Time – concert recording featuring Fantasia Orchestra

For the Teaching pack for In Time, which includes a range of cross-curricular resources write to

2020 Proms at Home resources

Produced by musicians at home during the first lockdown in 2020


Teeny Prom 2020


An online music learning resource for primary age pupils. Also suitable for small groups of learners, families and home learners. It centres in on a song called Celebration, which was inspired by the Eden Project’s Big Lunch initiative. Join the activities, learn the song and sing along with the recording!

Celebration Concert Video

Once you’ve learnt the song using the previous video sing along with this video and your family!

Secondary Video

An online music learning activity for classes, small groups or home learners inspired by Stephen Hawking’s Time Travellers’ Party 

Family concert featuring Magnard Ensemble

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