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The Board

Susie Gregson_edited.jpg

 Susie Gregson MBE founded Proms in 1993 and is its Chief Executive. Under her leadership, Proms has raised over £1m for good causes. Susie has lived in Hampstead Garden Suburb nearly all her life, is an active member of Hampstead Golf Club and is Chair of Alumnae at The Henrietta Barnett School. 

Kate Webster is Chair of Proms at St Jude's. She has a background in secondary education. Initially a Geography teacher, she held senior leadership posts including Deputy Head at The Henrietta Barnett School, and 15 years as Head at Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School, Barnet. Now retired, she is Chair of Governors in a primary school and a Trustee of HGS Heritage Virtual Museum.

Ron Finlay_edited.jpg

 Ron Finlay runs a communications consultancy specialising in the public and charity sectors. He is also a trustee of charities involved with education and healthcare. A resident of Hampstead Garden Suburb since 1995, he is a member of the HGS Trust Amenities & Grants Committee. 

Michelle Groves 2023_edited.jpg

Michelle Groves is CEO of the DaCapo Music Foundation, which delivers and influences music teaching in many different settings, including a Saturday music school, primary schools and teacher training programmes. She works with the education committee, developing and delivering a variety of workshops and concerts for children at Proms.

Tina Isaacs 2_edited.jpg

 Tina Isaacs has worked in education for over 40 years – doing policy research, working for government education bodies (NCVQ, QCA, Ofqual) and currently is an honorary associate professor at UCL’s Institute of Education.  Her volunteer work includes being a school governor and a board member of Fashion Retail Academy Enterprises.

Anne Kollar_edited.jpg

Anne Kollar worked as a music educator and choral conductor in New York, where she was Adjunct Professor of Music at Hofstra, Adelphi, and Long Island Universities, and Adjunct Professor of Educational Technology at N.Y.I.T.  She was Musical Director of The Babylon Chorale and SōLI, and has sung in, directed and chaired choirs in the US and UK.

Jo Lewis_edited.jpg

 Jo Lewis has over 30 years’ experience in communications and public affairs, including senior roles in Lloyds Banking Group and Equitable Life. Her background is in corporate responsibility, media relations, reputational management and public affairs in the UK and EU. She joined Proms at St Jude’s in 2016. 

Niamh O'Donnell-Keenan_edited.jpg

 Niamh O’Donnell-Keenan is a Chartered Accountant and former Vice-Chair of Chartered Accountants Ireland (London). She is a former Group Finance Director of the Telegraph Group. She is a member of the Emigrant Services Advisory Committee which advises the Irish Government on its Emigrant Support Programme in the UK. Niamh is a former Chair of Proms.

Hella Schrader_edited.jpg

 Hella Schrader has a background in international publishing. After working in her native Germany for a European media consultancy, she moved to IT and Operations management for the International Herald Tribune in France and The Independent and Financial Times in London, developing expertise in compliance and regulation. She has lived in Hampstead Garden Suburb since 1986.


Simon Tesh qualified as a chartered accountant and has been responsible for Proms’ finances ever since its creation. He now splits his time between Ireland and London.


The Board is supported by several committees.

Catering: Elinor Delaney, Susie Gregson

Education: Joan Arnold, Jane Cutler, Susie Gregson, Michelle Groves, Tina Isaacs, Niamh O'Donnell-Keenan, Kate Webster*

Fundraising: Peter Blausten, Susie Gregson*, Michelle Groves, Ruth Jacobs, John Wheeler, 

IT Development and Box Office: Hetty Colchester, Stephan Conaway*, Ron Finlay, David Gregson, Susie Gregson, Cheryl Kuczynski, Hella Schrader

LitFest: Jillian Barker, Sharon Barron, Keara Connolly, Ron Finlay, Susie Gregson, Vivien Hilson, Niamh O’Donnell-Keenan*, Sonia Porter, Shelley-Anne Salisbury, Lisa Woolfson

Logistics: Steve Conaway, Keara Connolly, Susie Gregson, Tamsyn Hamilton, Tina Isaacs, Jo Lewis*, Hella Schrader, John Wheeler

Marketing & Communications: Hetty Colchester, Keara Connolly, Ron Finlay*, Susie Gregson, Tina Isaacs, Cheryl Kuczynski, Jo Lewis, Hella Schrader, Kate Webster

Music Planning: Yvonne Baker, Leo Charlton, Stewart Collins, Keara Connolly, Janet Fisher, Susie Gregson, Anne Kollar*, Seán Purtell, Thomas Radice, Helen Roose

*Chair of committee

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