Photo: Photo of Proms Board outside of St Judes

The Board

The Proms Board consists entirely of volunteers and it works throughout the year in preparation for the Proms festival.

Hon President – The Revd Alan Walker

Hon Chairman – Richard Clegg

Chief Executive – Susie Gregson

Hon Treasurer -  Simon Tesh

Secretary/Administrator – Tina Isaacs

Charity Coordination - Niamh O'Donnell-Keenan

Education - Kate Webster

Friends Coordination - Kate Webster

Fundraising – Peter Jenkins

LitFest - Niamh O'Donnell-Keenan

Logistics – Jo Lewis

Marketing & Communications – Ron Finlay

Music Planning – Anne Kollar

Programme Coordination - Tina Isaacs

IT Development & Box Office - Hella Schrader

Volunteer Coordination - Keara Connolly


The Board is supported by several committees.

Catering: Keara Connolly*, Elinor Delaney, Susie Gregson

Education: Joan Arnold, Jane Cutler, Susie Gregson, Michelle Groves, Tina Isaacs, Niamh O'Donnell-Keenan, Kate Webster*

Fund-raising: Susie Gregson, Ruth Jacobs, Peter Jenkins*, John Wheeler

IT Development and Box Office: Hetty Colchester, Stephan Conaway*, Ron Finlay, David Gregson, Susie Gregson, Hella Schrader

LitFest: Jillian Barker, Sharon Barron, Keara Connolly, Ron Finlay, Susie Gregson, Vivien Hilson, Niamh O’Donnell-Keenan*, Sonia Porter, Lisa Woolfson

Logistics: Steve Conaway, Keara Connolly, David Crossley, Susie Gregson, Tamsyn Hamilton, Tina Isaacs, Jo Lewis*, Hella Schrader, John Wheeler

Marketing & Communications: Hetty Colchester, Keara Connolly, Ron Finlay*, Susie Gregson, Holly Price, Tina Isaacs, Cheryl Kuczynski, Jo Lewis, Hella Schrader, Kate Webster

Music Planning: Yvonne Baker, Keara Connolly, David Crossley, Susie Gregson, Michelle Groves, Anne Kollar*, Madeleine Melling, Thomas Radice, Helen Roose

*Chair of committee