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Picnic Tables

For the first time, we will be offering picnic tables in a dedicated marquee opposite the main

doors of the church. If you would like to entertain friends and family, you can book a table in

this marquee which will be reserved solely for concertgoers with table reservations. You

can enjoy your picnic before the concert and during the interval, in the knowledge that

whatever the weather brings you will be under cover.

Tables of 8 will cost £30.

You can book your picnic table at the same time as buying your tickets, which means that

Friends will get priority booking. Tables will be sold on a first come, first served basis.


What will be provided?
We will provide tables and chairs and each table will have a wipeable tablecloth.

Is there a limit on the number of tables I can purchase?

You may purchase as many picnic tables as you like, subject to availability. There is a limit of two per performance. 

What time will I be able to picnic from?
Your picnic table will be available at 6.00pm. You are welcome to use your picnic table during the interval, but not after the performance as the site around St Jude’s will be closed once the concert has ended.


Can I add an extra chair to my table? 
Unfortunately, due to Health and Safety regulations, we can only accommodate up to 8 people/chairs around picnic tables in this Marquee. If you wish to exceed these numbers in their respective areas, you will need to purchase more than one table i.e. if your party is 9 or more, you will need to purchase more than one picnic table. 

If we are only a couple, can we reserve part of a table?
Unfortunately not. You will need to reserve a whole table even if your party is less than 8 people.

If I haven’t reserved a table in advance and want to buy one on the day, can I do this?
We strongly recommend booking in advance so you can guarantee your table. Please call the Box Office about availability.


How will I know which is my table on the night?
When you arrive at the marquee, a volunteer will meet you and show you to your table with your name.

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