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Our Work with Schools

A Schools’ Prom, funded by Proms at St Jude’s and held in the iconic setting of St Jude-on-the-Hill, has long been part of Proms week. Participating schools receive in-school workshops during the summer term to enable them to prepare for the individual and massed performance in St Jude’s. Each Prom consists of songs and readings specially commissioned by the DaCapo Music Foundation (music education partner of Proms at St Jude’s) for primary and secondary school groupings. Participating schools come together to rehearse and then perform with a professional animateur and musicians in St Jude’s. The splendour of the setting and acoustics make this a memorable event for all.

Photos by Michael Eleftheriades

Always oversubscribed, these local schools have performed in recent years: All Saints, Alma, Brookland, Martin Primary, St John's, N20, Wessex Gardens and Wren Academy junior schools together with Archer Academy, Christ’s College, The Henrietta Barnett School and Whitefield secondary schools. Because the children take up most of the space, this concert is by invitation only but expressions of interest from schools are welcome! 

The Covid pandemic meant there was no Schools’ Prom in 2020 or 2021. However, several high quality resources were produced for use in schools and these are still available. In 2020, as part of Proms at Home we produced recorded events for use with both primary and secondary age groups. These can be found on our Resources page and will be suitable for schools, home educators and families. 

In 2021, we produced an acclaimed performance of ‘In Time. The piece was specially composed for children (Years 2 to 6; 7 to 11 year olds) to introduce them to the orchestra and a range of music through time. The story follows Polly and her grandmother on this journey through musical time. The work was recorded by Fantasia Orchestra.


Both the recording and a range of cross-curricular support materials are available free to use for schools, home-schoolers and families looking for rainy day entertainment! Click here for the recording of In Time and here for supporting resources

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